About Me

Who Are You?

Every story has to start somewhere, and for me, my interest in art began with the Marvel comic books of the 1970s.

I vividly recall my parents purchasing The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers from our local newsagents, and me and my brothers hungrily devouring them. Excited by Jack 'The King' Kirby’s drawings - he was my favourite - I would spend many rainy afternoons sketching my heroes.


Even at this tender age, something in Kirby’s dynamic style resonated in me. His pictures also provided the impetus to improve at something I was naturally good at (reading these comic books made me want to draw). I also believe these comics with their stylised art planted the first important seeds, and while other significant influences would follow, for now, Kirby was King.

What Do You Do? Philosophy.

Which brings me to today and my philosophy. To my mind, I am an image-maker, a maker of pictures. The fun part is always the creative bit; it’s where, as an artist, you get to revisit the child inside and play.

This play should always embody a willingness to try new things, for to stand still is to stagnate: keep moving, keep learning; always be brave enough to take a chance.

But most importantly, have the courage to follow your intuition and heart. They are trusted stars to navigate by and already know what you truly want to become.  

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