"This Picture Reminded Me Of..."

Lee is a draughtsman, painter and printmaker, and studied at Bristol Polytechnic where he secured a Bachelor of Arts. Lee often jokes, "I could draw before I could walk!" From an early age, he was sketching friends and family along with the superheroes from his beloved comic books. This award-winning UK artist is best known for his visually-striking portraits which can be found in collections all around the world.

Despite his college degree, Lee likes to say he's "totally unhindered by formal convention" and is refreshingly down-to-earth when he talks about art...

"Art is all about communication. It's about making connections. This dialogue can spark memories and emotions, in the same way hearing your favourite song on the radio can suddenly transport you to a different time and place. It's magical. That's what art can do.

"I'm not alone in believing this. I've enjoyed countless conversations that began with, 'this picture reminded me of...' and the feeling I get hearing those words is like a big smile inside.

"I had that same feeling when I was a boy sketching super-heroes from my battered and loved comic books. And the best part? That smile is still there today as I create new art."

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